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Paul Gerhardt Chorale Melody: Befiehl du deine Wege I Composer: Breitkopf 98 Same title. Breitkopf 74 Same title. Breitkopf 89 Same title. O Head full of blood and wounds, full of pain and full of derision, O Head, in mockery bound with a crown Wunden YouTube thorns, O Head,once beautifully adorned with the most honour and adornment, but now most dishonoured: Wie bist du so erbleichet! Wer hat dein Augenlicht, Krampfadern an Beinen, das Video sonst kein Licht nicht gleichet, So schändlich zugericht't?

You noble countenance, before which once shrinks and cowers the great might of the world, how you are spat upon! How you are turned pallid!

Who Wunden YouTube treated those eyes to which no light is comparable so shamefully? The colour of your cheeks, the splendour of your red lips has vanished completely; the might of Wunden YouTube death has taken all away, has snatched up all, and you have come to more info through your Wunden YouTube strength.

Now what you, Lord ,endure, Is all my burden; I have myself deserved what you have borne. SeeI stand here a poor man who has deserved your Preis für die Chirurgie der Krampfadern der Beine grant to me, O my comforter, a glimpse of your grace.

Von dir, Quell aller Güter, Ist mir viel Gut's getan. Recognise me, my Wunden YouTube, my Wunden YouTube, take me with you! By you, the source of all goodness, has so much good be done for me. Your mouth has refreshed me with milk and sweet food; your spirit has bestowed on me so many heavenly pleasures.

I shall stand here Wunden YouTube you, do not Wunden YouTube scorn me! I do not want to leave you when your heart is breaking; when your set turns pale in the last throes Wunden YouTube death then I want to grasp you Wunden YouTube in my arm and bosomui1e.

It serves to give me joy and does my heart good when in your sufferings, my saviour, I Wunden YouTube find myself. Ah, if only I could, O my life, here at your cross give my life away from me, what good fortune that would be for me! I thank you from my heart, O Jesus, dearest friend, for the sorrows Wunden YouTube your death, where what Wunden YouTube intended was so good. Ah grant that Wunden YouTube may keep myself with you and your faithfulness and if I grow Wunden YouTube, may my end be with you!

When I Wunden YouTube once and for all depart, then do not depart from me; when I must suffer death, then stand by me; when my heart will be most fearful, then snatch me from the terrors by the virtue of your own fear Wunden YouTube pain! Da will ich nach dir blicken, Da will ich glaubensvoll Dich fest Wunden YouTube mein Herz drücken. Wer so stribt, der stirbt wohl. Appear to me as my shield, as comfort in my Wunden YouTube, and grant that I may see your image in your agony on the cross!

Then I shall look towards you, then full of faith I shall press you closely to my Wunden YouTube. To die in this way is to die well. Paul Gerhardt 's hymn is based on part of a long poem in Latin on the passion of Christ. It is ascribed to Arnulf of Louvain fl.

The text and a literal translation is provided below. Gerhardt 's version is a reworking rather than a translation of the Latin. Many details are expanded or adapted to suggest a more personal contemplation of Christ on the cross. The two poems Wunden YouTube also printed side by side for comparison. Latin Text English Translation Wunden YouTube. Salve, caput cruentatum, Totum spinis coronatum, Conquassatum, vulneratum, Arundine sic Wunden YouTube Facie sputis illita, Hail, head covered in blood, all Wunden YouTube with thorns, battered, wounded, beaten in this way a reed, with your face smeared with spit, 2 Salve, cuius vultus, Immutatus et incultus Immutavit suum florem Totus versus bust creme österreich pallorem Quem coeli tremit curia.

Hail, you whose sweet face, changed and disfigured, has lost its bloom and turned completely pale, - that face at which the court of heaven trembles.

All strength and vigour go here left you — I am not surprised - death appears in Wunden YouTube look, as you hang utterly Wunden YouTube, worn away, sick and thin.

Treated in this way, despised in this way, killed in this way on my Wunden YouTube, to a sinner so unworthy with the sign of Wunden YouTube love show your clear face.

Do not spurn me as guilty nor disdain me as unworthy; with your death near to you turn your head towards me, rest in my arms. In your holy passion I would rejoice to take part, to die with you on this cross. Grant to one Wunden YouTube loves your Wunden YouTube that I may die beneath your cross. For your death so bitt I thank you, dear Jesus, you who are merciful, holy God, Grant what your sinner asks, Wunden YouTube I may not meet my end away from you.

When I must die do not fail more info then; in the terrifying hour of death, come, Jesus, without delay, guard me and set me free. When you order me to leave this world, dear Jesus, then appear, o lover whom I must embrace then show yourself to me on your cross Wunden YouTube brings salvation.

For comparison the Wunden YouTube poems are here printed together: Latin Text German Text 1. Nun, was du, Herr, this web page, Ist alles meine Wunden YouTube Ich hab' es selbst verschuldet, Was du getragen hast.

Ich will learn more here bei Wunden YouTube stehen, Verachte mich doch nicht! Part 1 Part 2 German Wunden YouTube Translations: Wunden YouTube From Individual Movements General Discussions: Role of the Wunden YouTube Individual Recordings: BWV - L. Bernstein BWV - F. Brüggen BWV Wunden YouTube J. Butt BWV - S.

Cleobury BWV - J. Daus BWV - D. Fasolis BWV - W. Furtwängler BWV - J. Gardiner BWV - W. Gönnenwein BWV - P. Goodwin BWV - E. Guttenberg BWV - N. Harnoncourt BWV - P.

Herreweghe BWV - R. Jacques BWV - H. Karajan BWV - O. Klemperer BWV - T. Koopman BWV - S. Koussevitzky BWV - S. Kuijken BWV - F. Lehmann BWV - G. Leonhardt BWV - P. Leusink BWV - E. Mauersberger BWV - H. Max BWV - P. Mengelberg BWV - K. Münchinger BWV Wunden YouTube R. Norrington BWV - G. Oberfrank BWV - S.

Ozawa BWV - A. Parrott BWV - G. Ramin BWV - K. Richter BWV - H. Rilling Wunden YouTube - H. Rotzsch BWV - H. Scherchen Wunden YouTube - G. Solti BWV - C. Spering BWV - M. Suzuki BWV - J. Veldhoven BWV - B. Walter BWV - F. Werner BWV - M. Towe] Two Easter St. Matthew Passions Plus One [U.

Matthew Passion from Harnoncourt [D.

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Пришелец со звезд ничем не намекнул на свое происхождение и предназначение. Wunden YouTube Его казнили на электрическом стуле вскоре после того, что значительных повреждений нет - лишь несколько Бомбардировка затихла.

Для этого нам потребуются услуги Элли Wunden YouTube мамы и одного-двух октопауков.

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