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Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis

Effects of Utrozhestan are caused by properties of the progesterone which is contained in it which is analog of the natural biological progesterone produced by a yellow body of utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis after an ovulation and also — at pregnant women — a placenta. Under the influence of progesterone the covering cavity of the uterus mucous is thickened and becomes secretory that promotes fixing in it of an click to see more and normal development of pregnancy further.

At pregnant women progesterone reduces contractility and excitability of muscles see more a uterus and fallopiyevy pipes. Blocks secretion of FSG and LG of hormones of a hypophysis regulating release, suppresses utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis ovulation and development of gonadotrophins a hypophysis. Androgenic properties are not found. Plasma concentration of progesterone begins to increase from the first hour after reception of capsules and reaches the maximum values in hours.

An hour later this indicator makes 4. Two thirds of the accepted dose of progesterone are metabolized in a liver. Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis urine are found mainly pregnenolon and pregnandiol metabolites are identical formed at physiological secretion.

The specified derivatives of progesterone play utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis important role in education and an exchange of other utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis hormones. Progesterone at parenteral administration is click the following article up in mucous.

Plasma concentration begins to increase from the first hour after drug use. Its level reaches the highest values click hours.

Use for night of capsules mg allows to achieve and support Utrozhestan stable and physiological concentration of progesterone in plasma which corresponds to that in a phase of a yellow body a lyuteinovy phase of a cycle at women with a normal ovulation.

Thus, medicine stimulates adequate maturing of an internal mucous uterus and utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis normal implantation of an utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis. Exchange products in urine and a blood plasma are utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis to exchange products which are found in physiological liquids during formation of endogenous progesterone.

And obstetric practice Utrozhestan is applied to the prevention of threat of an abortion or a usual abortion against visit web page insufficiency of utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis lyuteinovy phase ILPand also to prevention of threat of premature births. Also oral administration of utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis is shown at the gynecologic disturbances associated with deficit of progesteroneincluding PMS, failures of a menstrual cycle diz-or anovulationFKB of mammary glands, premenopausal states; infertility which reason lyuteinovy insufficiency is; ZGT at women with climacteric frustration in a combination about estrogen — the containing drugs.

Depressions, hloazma, the small tortoiseshell belong to category extremely seldom arising no more, than at 1 of 10 thousand women by-effects. For elimination of these phenomena without decrease in utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis effect it is usually enough to increase a dosage of estrogen or to reduce a drug dose.

If utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis is begun till 15th day of a cycle, reduction utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis a cycle is possible. Also accidental bleedings can take place. If utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Utrozhestan are entered into a vagina, side effects are expressed as hypersensitivity reactions a hyperemia, an itch, burning and utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis of oily allocations.

Including at pregnancy allow to draw a conclusion on side effects utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Utrozhestan that the greatest utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis of the unpleasant phenomena arises after reception of capsules inside.

For reduction of their expressiveness of a capsule it is necessary to accept before utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis to bed or to pass utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis an intravaginalny route utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis administration.

The route of administration, and also instructions how continue reading is better to accept Utrozhestan how Varizen innerhalb Oberschenkel to continue treatment and how to cancel drug, depend on indications to use and clinical displays of pathology.

In the utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis, before going to bed reception is the share of the main to utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis, accept more mg utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis the morning if in it there is a need. At lyuteinovy insufficiency PMS, FKB, a premenopauza, failures of a cycle a pill is taken ten-day courses, since 17 in the afternoon utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis a cycle.

At ZGT in a climacteric in view of the fact that separate therapy it is oestrogenic utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis the containing drugs do not recommend, Utrozhestan is applied as addition to the main treatment. It is necessary to utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis administration of drug in 7 days after the beginning of each course ZGT.

Use duration — 2 weeks. It is necessary to remember that during ZGT utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis bleedings are utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis. A utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis dose — mg. Concerning about what week to accept drug, the following recommendations are provided in the instruction: It is not recommended to apply progesterone on the term exceeding 36 weeks.

Capsules are entered into a vagina as it is possible more deeply. If necessary for bigger convenience it is possible to use the applicator. Treatment is begun from 17 in the afternoon a cycle. At full NLF at women utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis the absent nonfunctioning ovaries donation of oocytes appoint mg of progesterone in the morning and in the evening from 15 to 25 day of a menstrual cycle.

At pregnancy when trophischen bei HIV is a probability of its interruption, and utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis for the prevention associated with deficit of progesterone of a usual abortion, the woman till 12th utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis should enter every 12 hours or mg of progesterone. It is very important to utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis correctly capsules into a vagina, in particular, when drug is appointed for hormonal support utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis EKO.

Before entering a capsule, it is necessary to lay down on a bed, having put at the same time under buttocks and a waist a pillow, to widely part legs and most deeply to place a tablet in a vagina. After that in order that active agent of drug got on well at the necessary volume to be absorbed in mucous, it is recommended from 15 minutes to an hour to remain in a bed in utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis same situation.

Symptoms of overdose can be shown by symptomatology of side effects article source drug: For some women the standard dose can be too high because of the available or secondary utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis secretion utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis progesteronehypersensitivity to Utrozhestan or the accompanying reduced level of oestradiol in blood.

At emergence of tranzitorny dizzinesses utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis drowsiness it is enough to lower utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis dose of progesterone or to appoint utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis of drug in the utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis before going to bed. At click the following article of a cycle and metrorrhagia the initiation of treatment is postponed to later day of a cycle for example, with 17 utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis the 19th day.

It is recommended to begin to women to whom in the utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis of a menopause treatment estrogen is appointed the containing drugs no later than the 12th day of a cycle progesterone reception. Simultaneous use of other medicines can break progesterone pharmacokinetics, causing at the same time increase or, on the contrary, decrease in its concentration in plasma and, thus, leading to change of effect of drug. The drugs which are powerfully inducing liver enzymes antiepileptic meansbarbituratesUtrozhestan ThrombophlebitisGriseofulvinRifampicinSpironolactonum utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis strengthening of a metabolism of progesterone in a liver.

Separate antibiotics in particular, tetracyclinesampitsillina can break balance of intestinal microflora owing to what the enterogepatichesky read more cycle can change. It is known that the specified medicinal interactions source individual and can significantly differ at different categories of patients.

Unambiguously it is impossible to predict their possible clinical manifestations. All gestagenny drugs have property to reduce tolerance to glucose because of what there can be a need for increase of a single dose of peroral sakharosnizhayushchy means and insulin at utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis with a diabetes mellitus.

Smoking promotes decrease in bioavailability of utrozhestan Thrombophlebitisalcohol — to its increase. Because of probability intravenöse Injektion Thrombophlebitis Die metabolic disturbances and tromboembolic episodes it is necessary to cancel drug at utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis. Patients with thrombophlebitis have to be in the anamnesis under continuous medical supervision.

Lack of periods against treatment by Utrozhestan demands carrying out tests for confirmation or an exception of pregnancy which can be the cause of an amenorrhea. Besides, mechanical utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis and infectious diseases can become the reason of abortion.

In similar cases use utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis drugs of progesterone is justified utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis when the delay of exile of fetal egg takes place. Proceeding from it, purpose of Utrozhestan according to the recommendation of the gynecologist has to be provided for cases utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis the organism of the woman develops insufficient Geschwüren in Latein of progesterone.

Capsules should not be accepted with food. Optimum utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis of reception utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis before going to bed. The simultaneous use of food increases bioavailability of Utrozhestan. Interests some women whether drug influences the HGCh level. Doctors claim that Utrozhestan does not change utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis of blood test to HGCh. All patients note that at intravaginalny use drug follows. The producer and doctors say that such phenomenon — norm.

Emergence of oily allocations is connected with a dosage form of Utrozhestan and its structure at which there are fat substances — vegetable oil and soy lecithin. Some women worry that it can reduce efficiency of Utrozhestan. However doctors hurry to calm also here, assuring that not active agent but only a capsule cover follows. Utrozhestan is appointed for correction of disturbances of a cycle which utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis deficit of endogenous progesteroneand utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis for correction of the disturbances caused by excess production of estrogen is.

The delay monthly against use of medicine can utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis pregnancy. Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis that case the woman needs to take a blood test for determination of the Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis level or to make the test for pregnancy.

The situation when after the use of drug is not present monthly, can also be a consequence of "blind" support of the 2nd phase of a cycle when ovulation time is not considered. To utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis women planning pregnancy, doctors recommend to accept Utrozhestan utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis from 16 in the afternoon, and in a day after an ovulation.

Drugs of progesterone can be click at this page for a call of monthly.

Dass notwendig ist, Krampfadern bleeding is caused by effect of cancellation of Utrozhestan. The beginning monthly usually falls on day after the termination of reception of capsules. Analogs with the close mechanism of action: Pradzhisan treats group of drugs of progesterone and is generic of Utrozhestan.

Therefore, the difference between these utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis is small. Pradzhisanunlike the utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis analog, is issued not only in the form of capsules for intake utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis intravaginalny use, but also in the form utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis gel which is entered into a vagina by means of the one-time applicator. Drug Kraynon is the vaginal gel released by the producer in one-time applicators.

Feature of drug is that gel is located in polymeric system of delivery that provides high extent of binding with mucous vaginas and continuous release utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis active ingredient at least within three days. Iprozhin is capsules which contain or mg of the progesterone micronized. The main difference of drug from Utrozhestan is that at intravaginalny use it practically does not follow from a vagina that, according to many utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis, is more convenient.

In the summary to Iprozhin it is specified that he is capable to strengthen action of immunodepressantsutrozhestan Thrombophlebitisanticoagulants and antihypertensivesand also to reduce lactogenic effect of Oxytocin. All materials presented on the website have exclusively help and fact-finding character and cannot be considered as the method of treatment appointed by the doctor or sufficient consultation. Administration of the website and authors of articles do not bear responsibility for any losses and effects which can arise when using materials of the website.

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Utrozhestan endometriosis - a megelőzésére

Die Phlebothrombose ist ein häufiges Krankheitsbild. Da viele tiefe Thrombosen stumm verlaufen und erst Jahre später diagnostiziert werden, kann über die wahre Häufigkeit nur schwer eine Aussage gemacht werden.

Die Unterschenkelregionmeistens links, ist Prädilektionsstelle. Tiefe Beinvenenthrombose Wie bei allen Thrombosen ist auch bei utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Phlebothrombose die Kombination aus Verlangsamung der Strömungsgeschwindigkeit, Wandveränderungen utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Blutgerinnungsstörung sogenannte Virchow-Trias entscheidend.

Patienten, die sich einem utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Eingriff im Bauch- oder Beckenbereich unterziehen mussten, sind in der postoperativen Phase besonders gefährdet, eine Phlebothrombose zu entwickeln. Auch bei Wöchnerinnen ist utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Risiko erhöht. Kleinere Phlebothrombosen können asymptomatisch verlaufen. Typische Symptome bei ausgeprägten Venenthrombosen sind: Weitere Warnhinweise sind eine Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis der oberflächlichen Venen am Unterschenkel, ein Kletterpuls und utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Temperaturen.

Die betroffene Extremität ist schmerzhaft zyanotischnachfolgend entwickelt sich eine Gangränwelche unbehandelt zum lebensbedrohlichen Schock führt. Phlebographie bei tiefer Beinvenenthrombose Die Diagnostik anhand der klinischen Untersuchung der Schmerzpunkte z. Ergänzend erfolgt die Bestimmung des D-Dimers. Umgekehrt kann aus einem erhöhten Creme sauber Go here von Krampfadern Preis jedoch nicht automatisch auf utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Vorliegen einer Phlebothrombose geschlossen werden.

Durch die Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis oder den Plasmintest utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis radioaktivem Technetiumkann die Diagnose gesichert utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis. Die Phlebographie kann ebenfalls durchgeführt werden. Um ein postthrombotisches Syndrom zu Behandlung von Ulcera cruris, sollte bei frischen Thrombosen im Becken - http: Anwendung finden dazu die Thrombolytika StreptokinaseUrokinase oder rekombinante Plasminogenaktivatoren rtPa.

Die Behandlung dauert etwa 5 bis 7 Tage, anschliessend erfolgt eine Thromboseprophylaxe mit Heparin oder Azetylsalizylsäure. Im Becken- und Leistenbereich kann auch eine Thrombektomie in Betracht gezogen werden. Hämostaseologie Um diesen Artikel zu kommentieren, melde Dich bitte an.

Bitte logge Dich ein, um diesen Artikel zu bearbeiten. Phlebographie bei tiefer Beinvenenthrombose. Wichtiger Hinweis zu diesem Artikel. Um diesen Artikel zu kommentieren, melde Dich bitte an. Phlebographie bei tiefer Beinvenenthrombose Georg Graf von Westphalen. Ulkus cruris bei Behandlung von tiefen Venen Thrombophlebitis der unteren Extremität - beschriftet Dr. Schaubild Varikosis Frank Geisler. Sonographische Diagnostik bei TVT. Artikel wurde erstellt von:. Du hast eine Go here zum Flexikon?

Nachfolgend utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis periphere tiefe Venenthrombosen behandelt. Zu den deutlich selteneren Thrombosen der Arterien siehe arterielle Thrombosedie der Sinusvenen im Hirn siehe Sinusthrombose. Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Thrombosen werden von den Betroffenen gar nicht utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis. Learn more here sowohl die Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis, die Kniekehle als auch der Oberschenkel betroffen, spricht man von utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Mehr-Etagen-Thrombose.

Er baut das Gerinnsel ab und versucht, die Venen wieder frei zu bekommen. Auch dadurch wird utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Blutstrom in den tiefen Venen beschleunigt. Diese physikalischen Faktoren sind bei einer Check this out vom Facharzt Phlebologen messbar. Thrombose, Phlebitis und Thrombophlebitis. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Dieser Utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis behandelt ein Gesundheitsthema. Er dient nicht der Selbstdiagnose und ersetzt keine Arztdiagnose.

Untere Extremität - Venen - Übersicht - 3D. Powered by Salbe Krampfadern in den Beinen. Behandlung von tiefen Venen Thrombophlebitis der utrozhestan Thrombophlebitis Extremität Synonyme: Bitte hierzu diese Hinweise zu Gesundheitsthemen beachten! Send this to friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

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